CAPTION Trajectory

MH370 – A New Plausible Piloted Trajectory – CAPTION . A complete reassessement of the given data has been performed based on several recent studies such as sailor Kate Tee’s testimony and seismic data identified by Ed Anderson at Cocos Islands. This reconstructed piloted trajectory matches all Inmarsat measured data. The hypothesis is made that the hijacker(s) had a plan to land in Australia, which did not succeed.

Manual Piloting with the RAT Deployed: By correlating Inmarsat Data with the electrical power status of the systems and the action of the people in command, this analysis provides a new perspective for understanding the technical aspects during the leg from IGARI to the Arc-1. It supports the interpretation of a leg flown manually with the RAT providing the electrical power alone. (This reports is the Annex 1 of the new trajectory document above)

Kate Tee’s Sighting Analysis. If one admits that sailor Kate Tee sighting was about MH370 then her testimony needs consideration. A thorough review of her saying has been performed at an unprecedented level of details allowing to idenfify the flight path directions and the time of the passing-by. This report has been reviewed by Kate Tee who nicely provided direct clarification input.

MH370 – What can we say about Sinabung Volcano ashes? Mount Sinabung was an active volcano on the day of Flight MH370. Its ash production and transportation have been analysed and modelled. Most probably, the aircraft encountered this ash cloud which had a likely impact on the profile of the aircraft trajectory. The encounter of the ash cloud might explain sailor Kate Tee’s sighting of an orange glow around the aircraft.