Numerous simulations were performed to support and validate the findings of the Final Report ( also in Version française) . Illustrative exemples are provided below.

Presentation to the RAeS London - Sept. 2024

01-Virage-IGARI-2022-12-07-Prepar3D: Simulation of the U-Turn at waypoint IGARI

02-virage-IGARI-2022-09-Nantes: Fixed Base simulation of the U-Turn at IGARI

03-Exit-to-VAMPI-manual-506GS: Simulation of the path from the U-Turn to VAMPI

04-FMT-Final-Major-Turn: Simulation of the Final Major Turn in the north of Sumatra

06-last-descent-V1-210kt-MinDrag: Simulation of the final descent until ditching (Variant 1 and in Minimum Drag Glide mode)

07-last-descent-V2-270kt-DriftDown: Simulation of the final descent until ditching (Variant 2 and in Drift Down Glide mode)

High level discussion on possible trajectories and review of the Netflix Series