New !

MH370 – A New Plausible Piloted Trajectory – CAPTION has been reconstructed providing a rationale for the electrical power switch back on and matching sailor Kate Tee’s sighting and seismic data identified by Ed Anderson at Cocos Islands. This plausible piloted trajectory is based on the hypothesis that the hijacker(s) had a plan to land in Australia, which did not succeed.

Manual Piloting with the RAT Deployed: By correlating Inmarsat Data with the electrical power status of the systems and the action of the people in command, this analysis provides a new perspective for understanding the technical aspects during the leg from IGARI to the Arc-1. It supports the interpretation of a leg flown manually with the RAT providing the electrical power alone. (This reports is the Annex 1 of the new trajectory document above)

Kate Tee’s Sighting Analysis : This new analysis has been performed to an unprecedented level of detail allowing to estimate the flight path directions and the time-tag of the flying-by. (This reports is the Annex 2 of the new trajectory document above)

Mount Sinabung Ash Cloud production and transportation have been analysed and modelled. Most probably, the aircraft encountered the ash cloud with a possible impact on the profile of the its trajectory. (This report is the Annex 3 of the new trajectory document above)

(Last Update: 8th Apr. 2022)