New… 18th June, 2022 !

In view of the results recently published by Captain Blelly, CAPTION participated to their validation as well as to the reconstruction of a plausible operational scenario of the End-of-Flight. Subsequently, a new search area is proposed for potential future searches of the wreckage as recently evoked by Ocean Infinity.

Considering the small set of available evidences, clear hypotheses must be made upfront when reconstructing the MH370 potential trajectory. The first major hypothesis is to consider if the people in command went for a fatal journey of no return or aimed to land somewhere safely. The hypothesis of a technical failure has been proven to be unlikely.
Fundamentally, this discriminates the types of trajectory because either it leads to the middle of nowhere in the Southern Indian Ocean or it aims to reaching potential Australian airfields.

Both types of trajectoriy – fully piloted until the end – are addressed here:

  • Captain Blelly proposes a reconstructed trajectory based on the nefarious one-way journey hypothesis. His aeronautical analysis is based on a pilot perspective reproducing pilot’s decisions in full coherence from the begining until the very end with a controlled ditching.
  • CAPTION trajectory and previously CAPTIO are based on the hypothesis that Australian airfields were the targets for a safe landing but it failed to do so and finished by a controlled ditching.

(Last Update: 24th June 2022)