Captain Blelly’s trajectory

Captain Blelly published the results of his 4 year research in French in a book entitled « MH370 La contre-enquête d’un pilote ».

His primary major hypothesis is that the MH370 captain went for a fatal journey of no return.

The Analysis of Flight MH370 details the reconstructed trajectory from VAMPI at 02h13 MYT until the ditching. ( Also available in French)

Blelly's tajectory (FL300 & Mach 0.706)
Trajectory (FL300, Mach 0.706)

Building on Boeing’s computations and conclusions it is assumed that the flight was performed at a constant altitude (FL300) and at a constant Mach (0.706) from the end of the final major turn until 08h12 MYT approximately (just after Arc6).  Thus, knowing the flight duration and the onboard fuel quantity , it is concluded that the achieved range with no climbing is equivalent to the LRC range .

Final Major Turn avoiding Indian Radar and adverse meteo

Considering the very small number of debris recovered so far, a controlled ditching is the most probable touch-down of the aircraft. Captain Blelly’s inovative assumption is that the pilot did not wait for the fuel to be exhausted as he probably decided to shutdown himself the last running engine timely before running out of fuel. By doing so, he kept enough fuel for the Auxiliary Power Unit to power the aircraft control surfaces providing him with the full control of the gliding aircraft.

Final descent: Manual engine shutdown, gliding with the APU and controlled ditching
Proposed zone for new search just outside the already scanned areas

CAPTION collaborated to validating the proposed trajectory by making some adjustments to it, by evaluating the technical parameters and Inmarsat BTO/BFO in particular as well as participating to reconstructing the End of Flight scenario.

Captain Blelly’s full trajectory:
1- From IGARI to VAMPI : (Common report – to be updated)
2- From VAMPI to Ditching : Report
3- The Ditching: (Common report – to be updated)