Digital Radar Data KL-LSTRP

New original digital radar data is revealed and analysed using the digital coordinates of the points provided. It comes mainly from Malaysian military radars and is published by Geoscience Australia on its website. Until now the trajectory was only known thanks to graphic documents without geodetic coordinates. Unfortunately, no altitude values are provided after waypoint IGARI. The track is therefore a projection on the ground of the trajectory of the plane.

The data confirms two important aspects of the flight between the diversion at IGARI until the exit from radar coverage at 18:22 UTC:

1- The flight was piloted manually

2- An indicative vertical profile could be inferred thanks to the military radar coverage shape. It shows that the flight level was most likely levelled at FL300 or FL320 or a combination of both. It appears that an emergency descent was simulated after depressurising the aircraft.

It replaces previous report Kota Bharu & ButterWorth radar data analysis (Mar. 2023)